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Profound thoughts on FEARLESS LIVING

Posted April 10, 2012 at 3:59 am

by Tess Marshall

Fear often has us feeling very alone. If we have experienced trauma in our life, this sense of vulnerability multiplies to a panic. Some of us isolate ourselves, which only makes the situation worse. 

Others feel an intense need to be around someone who loves them and cares.  This feels like a protection against what might harm them and helps them feel not quite so alone.  

1. I always side on connection being the best counter to anxiety.  Staying home, alone, stationary is the worst thing you can do.  Being around people, feeling connected to them and to the world around you, fortifies you with a sense of purpose and belonging.  This counters fear as it goes against what the trauma made you feel like: unworthy and useless.  ~ Jodi Lobozzo Laman, Heal Now and Forever  

2. Love instead of fearing. When you hold onto the past, it often has to do with fear: fear you messed up your chance at happiness, or fear you’ll never know such happiness again. Focus on what you love and you’ll create happiness instead of worrying about it.  ~Lori Deschene, Tiny Buddha

3. The next time you feel yourself hesitating to go after your goals because you fear failing, ask yourself the following two questions: What can I do to increase my probabilities of succeeding? What can I do to lower the cost of failing? Once you’ve done what you can to increase your probability of succeeding and to lower the cost of failing, go for it.  It’s better to try and fail than it is to never try at all. ~ Marelisa, Abundance-blog.Marelisa-Online

4. At some point, we need to let go of our worries. We need to give our kids the gift of being responsible for themselves. In the end, this gift will lift the burden of responsibility off our shoulders. It will help our children to be more confident, and responsible regarding their own life choices. Fear and worry can encompass our lives. It can stop us cold. No matter what our circumstances we can live our best lives without fear dictating our every waking breath. ~ Cathy Taughinbaugh, Treatment Talk

5. I am lucky to not have much fear porn cartoons in my life. If I am fearful it’s usually [continue]….


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