Interviewer and journalist Heather Vale Goss (known as The Unwrapper™) sat down with her husband and business partner, Barry Goss (The Wealth Vault's Founding Editor & Publisher), to find out exactly how you can benefit too...

HVG: Some people who are familiar with our Life Without Limits (LWL) brand probably know that, over the past 4 years, our focus has been mainly publishing somewhat contrarian, critical-thinking reports, audios and manuals within the personal development arena — and even though we've had a few projects that balance it out, for the most part we've concentrated on the inner-world side of the equation. What prompted the shift towards a product line about the outer-world aspect of cash flow and wealth generation?

BG: In short, pure demand and a little synchronicity in the mix, too. It was just amazing to me… or maybe better said, overly disconcerting… that so many of our personal-growth customers would confide in us about either not understanding money and how to build wealth — the "physical" kind — or admit to us that they're flat-out broke.

HVG: I remember many interesting nights we've spent over a glass of wine, deep in discussion about how ironic it is that the "your inner world creates your outer world" crowd, for the most part, never gets to the point of actually experiencing an outer world where financial freedom is a reality for them. It would almost be funny if it wasn't so sad...

BG: That was the catalyst for me to sync up this discrepancy with what I often like to call real-world PROOF. While I had no respect whatsoever for the "wealth is an inside job" groupies, I also knew that those only relying on "sales" income — think of anybody out there constantly scrambling around online hoping to pump-up their affiliate commissions or product revenue — were missing the boat, too.

The former group needed a BIG direct wake-up call, and just had to be flat-out told that they're essentially taking up 'air space' by spending too much darned time consuming.

HVG: You mean they're good at passively talking about and concentrating on lofty theory and metaphysical philosophy, but never turning it into something usable and relevant to their lives.

BG: Yup, you got it. I wanted a vehicle to be able to show people that the path to financial control and ease isn't about mindset, motivation, or magic. Nor is it about just producing or promoting. While that's a good step in the right direction, it's not the most 'leveraged' step.

HVG: So, what is?

BG: Investing in those who produce and promote. I call it "smart money." You and I both know many, many entrepreneurs, for instance, who hop from one so-called sales-driven 'opportunity' to another. Or, they get jazzed up when the latest, greatest 'marketing system' comes out.

Yet, they haven't figured out, for whatever reason, that thriving as a business person also means things like 'cash flow,' 'passive income,' 'alternative investing,' 'asset accumulation,' and 'savings' (keeping what we earn).

What I'm talking about here is simply learning how to use money to MAKE MONEY… growing money through safe, little-known investments that produce high returns, and that seemingly only the very well-connected or elite would have access to.

HVG: Sounds like a case where the old adage is true… that it does take money to make money.

BG: You've got to trade something for money, whether that's your time, your energy, or more money. It's "quid pro quo," or "value for value." Personally, I'd rather trade a little money for more than use up resources that I can't get back.

HVG: Yes, definitely. And I know that putting money to work through traditional public investments, as well as unconventional passive and private income streams, has been a key personal interest of yours for years. But, until we launched The Wealth Vault, you were out of the 'intelligence loop' for awhile, weren't you?

BG: Yes, I certainly was. About the time I decided to go public with it, and share my interest in 'the market' and all things surrounding personal finance and investing, I called up a long-standing friend, Brad, to see if he'd like to join forces with us. For over 7 years, he had been writing an "underground passive income newsletter" that quietly helped produce millions of dollars in profits for himself, and his loyal, sovereign-minded readers.

Yet, for several months prior to my proposition call, we both tossed around the notion that his newsletter was becoming limited in its functionality and content due to his time constraints in balancing customer service with ongoing research and due diligence.

With LWL's automated and centralized e-commerce platform working flawlessly, my genuine interest in traditional investing, and Brad's extensive contacts and experience in finding private or by-invitation only deals, we knew The Wealth Vault needed to be created.

And, to stay with a notoriously cheesy line: "the rest, as they say, is history." :)

HVG: I have to admit, being privy to the several months of work you guys put into the creation of this very unique 'investments club' was quite intriguing for me. Even when it officially launched in September 2009, there was already an impressive amount of uncommon wealth-generation content inside. Of course, none of Brad's contacts and connections seem to have an interest in average, mainstream 5-to-9-percent-a-year returns, either.

Since so much of what The Wealth Vault  finds, tests and archives can be labeled as 'hush-hush, ' and even 'forbidden,' what do you tell the person who has always leaned towards the conservative side? Or, the person who thinks investing means, "I'll miss my money for awhile, not have any control over it, and possibly never get it back?"

BG: [laughs] Well, the first thing that comes to mind is this: people have to keep their money in the game if they want to win the game. Sure, I know there's quite a few people out there who just want to recover or de-leverage from past excesses, which might include spending more than they produced or living on credit.

That's why we also have resources and tools that will give them the inside track on things like reducing taxes, winning the credit game, using debt wisely, saving and getting deals on things they never thought they could, and all that good stuff; however, we don't believe in FOCUSING on "defense" only.

Life is short, and it likes what I call "involved energy." Discretionary money and investment capital doesn't do anybody any good if it's sitting under somebody's mattress. Cash preservation and slow, steady growth is one thing, but stagnating is another. Actually, it's this very idea — that you can't generate fast cash-flow or extraordinary returns on your money — that mainstream financial outlets love proliferating.

Our core ongoing interest here — the reason for having this private, members-only online wealth club — is to look past the "crowd nonsense" (after all, they ONLY know what they've been told) and dig DEEP into what today's money-movers and independent elite investors are doing to find lucrative private deals and legit high-return opportunities that aren't covered by the mainstream press.

As Brad often likes to say: "This isn't about Dad's old-school stock picks, CD, and mutual fund investing nonsense."

HVG: Well, speaking of Brad again — and since he's our Managing Editor and the person who's the lead so-called "investment investigator" for The Wealth Vault — exactly what kinds of unconventional opportunities is he finding?

BG: Good question, as I'm sure, by now, many who have read this far just want to get specific examples of the underground investment ideas we have archived and waiting for them inside the Vault. I'm going to let the man himself take the reins on that question in a minute.

But, before we close out this short interview, I want to make two quick points. Number one: The investment vehicles inside The Wealth Vault are NOT "too good to be true" or "pie in the sky" adventures into the unknown. Most are simply private, secret, rock-solid opportunities that few have previously had, or will ever have, access to. Period.

The focus is on little-known "off the beaten" path companies and contacts that can produce "hands-off" above-average returns for our paid members.

While creating 'cash flow' through a business is great (heck, we do it), it isn't the only way. Buying and selling, especially if you've created systems to make that happen, is a LEVERAGED business model. However, the super-rich — or even people you just consider "rich" — know how to duplicate their money, too. Currently, I believe there's close to 15 tested Investment Vehicles, or IVs, that can earn between 5% to 25% ROI, per month, on investment capital.

Which brings me to point number two: we only pass along IVs like these for our members to consider if they're proven to produce returns for either ourselves, our immediate families, close business partners, or colleagues of ours who are involved.

HVG: But how do you answer the person who's saying to him or herself: "Why are Brad and Barry even taking the time to create such an archived members' area when you can just continue investing in these programs and be done with it?"

BG: I answer like this: You only make a difference in the world when you share and teach what you know. What would it benefit us, our families and close colleagues, to learn this information and profit with it, and NOT share it with a select group of open-minded people who can join in our venture?

We're not big enough by ourselves, yet, to make the 'difference' that we want to make. But together, as a loyal group of like-minded, sovereign-thinking, freedom-loving people, we are!

On that note, I'm going to hand this over to Brad…