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How To Create Multiple Streams of 'Passive' Investment Income Through Managed Trading Accounts (MTAs)

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Auto-Pilot ROI

Here's What's Covered...

  • How to Avoid Managed Account Scams
  • What Kinds of Returns are Realistic
  • Managed Account Criteria
  • Where to Find Consistently Profitable Managed Accounts

You'll Discover:

  1. The 4 red flags to look for that you absolutely must know in order to protect yourself from getting ripped off. After reading this section, you're going to be empowered with knowing whether a fund manager is really trading, or just running a ponzi scheme - Page 13.

  2. If it's really possible to earn double or even triple-digit returns with managed accounts. I uncover the shocking truth that separates fact from fiction - Page 16.

  3. The top 3 qualities and exact criteria to look for in a high-quality managed account and the most important questions to ask a fund manager before you invest a dime (I blew over $75,000 before I learned this) - Page 22.

  4. How you can get instant access to a little-known resource that researches and lists the world's most profitable low-entry managed accounts, which are generating huge profits, even in today's volatile markets - Page 27.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg...

Auto-Pilot ROI is packed with over 30 pages of solid, no-fluff content.

So if you're serious about making hands-free passive income from managed accounts, you're going to want to get this report right now and read it today.

This report is for you if you:

a) want high returns, but don't want to trade leveraged asset classes yourself.

b) want to take advantage of hands-off automation and the skill of an experienced, professional trader.

Benefits include:

  • More time freedom.
  • Aggressive returns compared to money market accounts & CDs.
  • Low minimums compared to other institutional-grade investments.
  • A way to diversify away from US dollar-based investments.
  • Asset diversification in asset classes not tied to the stock market.
  • Professional and experienced money managers.
  • An automated way to participate in the Forex and futures markets without having to trade.
  • High liquidity — account balance can be withdrawn at any time (when not in trade).
  • Profit in any economy whether the stock market goes up or down.
  • U.S. investors may participate through an IRA or Roth IRA.
  • Real-time account management and reporting.
  • 100% transparency.
  • Not an HYIP (High Yield Investment Program).
  • Only you have access to your funds.

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This is an exclusive report presented by:

The Wealth Vault

The Wealth Vault was created for investors by investors. This private club is our avenue to share the alternative methods we personally use to safely grow our money without selling, marketing or recruiting.

Our mission is to help hard-charging, ambitious, sovereign-minded investors gain access to private, by-invitation-only, and completely unique (and legal) Investment Vehicles (IVs) that can offer uncommon returns, with minimized risks.

Every week, we provide paid-up members with little-known, carefully-researched, and highly-profitable money-saving and money-growing services, programs, vendors, and contacts.

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Are you tired of the measly 5% to 9% annual returns offered by standard Wall Street investment opportunities?

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Would you like to have access to carefully-selected facilitated/managed trading accounts and other under-the-radar alternative investment opportunities that the general public doesn't know about?

If so, we can help.

Who's behind it?

Brad Wajnman is the Research Director. He draws on his years of expertise in writing passive profits newsletters to scour the world for high-yielding, unconventional, private or invitation-only investments.

Barry Goss is the Founding Editor and Publisher, and co-founder of LWL Media, Inc. He seeks out and then sorts, sifts and selects prime alternative approaches to conventional investment strategies.