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Canada To Take 75% Of Natural Health Remedies Off Shelves

Posted December 24, 2010 at 1:54 am

Submitted by MR NEWS on Mon, 12/20/2010 – 11:33

This evening, December 13, 2010, a piece of draconian legislation was passed into law by the Canadian senate. I refer to Bill C36, which is just one piece in the wider global plan called Codex Alimentarius.

The bill controls consumer products and is widely understood to be the precursor for another bill that will give Health Canada the power to take some 75% of natural health products off the shelves.

At least as important as this is the part of the bill that removes the law of trespass. Until tonight, a police officer needed a warrant to enter private property in Canada. No longer. Under the new law, police can enter and seize private property at any time, for any reason, even if the person in question is not suspected of any crime.

We have to look at this with a wide lens. The same policies regarding consumer products, natural health products, and organic farming are coming in at dizzying speed around the world. At the same time, legislation is passing that gives police unprecedented powers to oppress the people in total disregard to human rights and the constitution of any nation.

Things are only going to get worse for a few years yet. As the economy continues its downward trend – and it will, because it is planned that way – millions of people will take to the streets in protest, as we are already seeing all over…

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Ignore “Gloom ‘n Doom” Investors

Posted December 18, 2010 at 4:55 am

Preface by Barry Goss:

In the same vein that caused me to write about keeping your gold bugs in check (see article here), another fellow wise renegade thinker advises to…

Ignore old men writing newsletters!

As Joshua M. Brown points out in his 3 Things You Can Ignore From Now On article, you can either keep focusing your head and your actions around the perilous, prognosticating things in the future — the disastrous consequences that must one day seemingly occur — or you can GROW small amounts of money into BIGGER amounts NOW.

Which do you choose?

Excerpt from his article:

“There’s a tiny company called Vibram making ‘five finger shoes’ that make it look and feel like you’re barefoot. They did $11 million in sales in 2009, in 2010 they’ll finish with more than $50 million and in 2011 someone in your family will be walking around in them. To buy these shoes, the kids will find the money that all those dour old men told you doesn’t exist.

“Old men writing newsletters about ‘battening down the hatches’ and ‘the New Normal’ hear about something called Groupon being worth $5 billion and automatically assume ‘Bubble’ because the company doesn’t assemble aircraft carriers — they can’t wrap their heads around the hundreds of millions in cash flow being generated by a web-based startup with almost no employees, physical real estate or equipment.

“Mohamed El-Erian probably made over 500 TV and radio appearances in 2010; not once did he tell you about Redbox ($CSTR). Or Netflix ($NFLX) or IMAX ($IMAX). Or Ugg Boots ($DECK) becoming a perma-brand like Nike. Or Green Mountain Coffee ($GMCR) becoming the new Folgers.

“Not once did he mention the fact that fashion and entertainment defy the business cycle and that teens will find a way to spend on new stuff — even against a backdrop of 21% unemployment for their age group.”

To learn how we turn little amounts of money into BIGGER amounts, click here…


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WikiLeaks is really just a CIA conspiracy… oh, didn’t you know?

Posted December 14, 2010 at 1:00 pm

from The 5-Min Forecast:

We see a judge in London has set bail at $315,000 for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange — which surely will set the conspiracy crowd buzzing.

“WikiLeaks is a big and dangerous U.S. intelligence con job,” writes F. William Engdahl at the Center for Research on Globalization, “which will likely be used to police the Internet.”

The theory’s been going around much of this year, and it goes like this: WikiLeaks is really a counterintelligence operation by the CIA (and maybe Mossad).After all, many of the cables leaked so far attempt to justify war with Iran, and even retroactively justify the war in Iraq.

Furthermore, the thinking goes, the resulting controversy has been manufactured to create a convenient excuse for new laws to shut down dissent online… and maybe even round up people who’ve spoken up on behalf of WikiLeaks.

Heh… We’ll know they’re serious if you hop onto our home page one day and see this:

For more, read: The Thought Police Adore WikiLeaks


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WikiLeaks and The Boogeyman Syndrome

Posted December 10, 2010 at 2:21 am

by Dave Champion – December 6, 2010

A fair amount of people seem to be upset about the recent Wikileaks release of U.S. State Dept embassy cables. I’ve heard these folks describe the Wikileaks’ founder, Julian Assange, as a traitor. I’ve heard people say that he should be hung and that he should get a bullet to the head. I’ve heard people say that the fact that Assange is still breathing is proof of what a weak President Barak Obama is.

But by far the most frequent statement I’ve heard is that Wikileaks and Julian Assange are “attacking America.”

What comes through loud and clear from these statements is that these folks believe themselves to be patriotic defenders of America. While I have no doubt of their sincerity or their patriotic verve, they are wrong on just about every count when it comes to the Wikileaks documents and Julian Assange.

Let’s start with the statement that Assange is a traitor. This statement probably defines those in the anti-Wikileaks crowd who are not burdened by a particularly high IQ.

Traitor – A person who commits treason by betraying his or her country. (Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2010)

Julian Assange in not an American. He is Australian. And while 18 USC 2381 merely requires one to be in the position of “owing allegiance to the United States” in order to be prosecuted for treason, Assange does not fit that requirement either.

It’s impossible to take such folks seriously. They’ve proven by their very first statement that they’ve not bothered to inform themselves of the most basic aspects of the situation.

It seems to me that a lot of Americans have a bizarre Pavlovian dog response to a particular stimuli. This Pavlovian response becomes evident when a person succumbs to what I call the “Boogeyman Syndrome”.

The Boogeyman Syndrome is initiated when politicians and/or the media (both being pillars of rectitude) designate someone as a “boogeyman” – i.e. someone who is a horrible dirty threat to America – and these folks immediately respond with passionate anger against whoever has been so designated. They immediately scream “He is a dirty vile threat to America! Off with his head!”

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“You’re The Joke!”

Posted November 20, 2010 at 12:30 pm

by Porter Stansberry:

Back in May, I made Reuters and Barron’s headlines when I booed financier turned Obama “car czar” Steve Rattner during Ira Sohn’s annual investment conference in New York.

Listening to him tell one lie after another about the bankruptcy of General Motors was bad enough. (And believe me… I know a little bit about GM’s balance sheet, having been the first analyst anywhere to predict the carmaker’s bankruptcy as early as 2005.)

But having to listen to this scumbag lecture me about the evils of “income inequality” was more than I could bear.

This man was personally implicated in bribing New York state pension officials. He made close to $500 million via his private-equity fund (Quadrangle), while his investors underperformed municipal bonds. This guy lives in a $15 million home on Martha’s Vineyard and in the same Fifth Avenue apartment building as George Soros.

This is a guy who flies his own plane… whose wife is the leading fundraiser for the Democratic Party. This is Arthur Sulzberger Jr. and Michael Bloomberg’s best friend. And Barry Diller’s. This guy spent his entire life in the rarified world of Ivy League colleges, investment banks, and New York City’s most elite social circles.

And yet… even with all these advantages, he ended up accused of bribing New York State pension officials to get them to invest with his private-equity firm. (By the way… I have to hand it to Obama on appointing Rattner as the “car czar.” Obama knew about the corruption charges, and appointed Rattner to restructure General Motors anyway. After all, who better to steal from bondholders than a crook?) And now, Rattner was going to lecture us, the great unwashed, about “income inequality.”

It was simply unbearable…

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Detroit’s socialist nightmare is America’s future

Posted November 4, 2010 at 1:59 pm

From Porter Stansberry in the S&A Digest:

One of the most important things to remember about socialism – or coercion of any kind – is it fails eventually because human beings have an innate desire for liberty and a strong need for personal property rights.

In fact, the origins of government lie in the need of agricultural communities to protect themselves from violence and theft. So it is particularly ironic that in more recent times, it is government itself that has more frequently played the role of bandit.

When you start taxing people at extreme rates to pay for socialist “benefits,” when you start telling them which schools their children must attend, when you start giving jobs away to people based on race instead of ability… you quash human freedom, which bogs down productivity… and if continued for long enough, leads to social collapse.

I find it perplexing that only 20 years after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the West continues to implement laws that mimic all of the failed policies of our former “communist” foes. In fact, our current president won the election by promising to “spread the wealth around.”

But… truth be told… we don’t have to look to Eastern Europe or the Soviet Union to find a society destroyed by coercion, socialism, and the overreaching power of the State.

We could just look at Detroit…

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Today’s entertainment: Must-see video of the week

Posted September 3, 2010 at 6:48 pm

by The Daily Crux:

Today we’re passing along an unusual but funny video.

If you’re not familiar with xtranormal.com, it’s a website where users can create simple animated movies using predesigned characters and sets and their own original dialogue.

In this short clip, an unknown user has perfectly captured the mentality that prevails in the stock market today.

Be sure your speakers are on, and enjoy…



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A stupid idea: across the board credit score increases

Posted August 29, 2010 at 2:21 pm

Kip Herriage:
CEO & Co Founder of Wealth Masters International

I first broke the news that the government was floating the idea of massive principal reductions…forgiveness… on underwater mortgages about 2 weeks before the news hit the mainstream media. And if you think the Ground Zero Mosque, or even ObamaCare is a bust with the public (well, at least the 50% of the public that actually pays taxes), then you might be surprised to find out that a whopping 82% of those polled (according to Zogby) believe that principal forgiveness is a terrible idea.

And here’s why: If your neighbor is underwater on their home, and then if the appraised value of their home is “re-valued” by the govt., guess what happens to your home? Yep…you just witnessed an overnight write-off to your homes value as well.

However, since there is no limit to the stupidity that we are witnessing from this administration, don’t write this possibility off. In fact, we should probably be surprised if they DON’T do it.

NOW….I am getting word that there may be another idea in the works…in the worst case scenario that the economy continues to decline rapidly (which of course it is, and will continue to do so).

Believe it or not, the next idea from their bankrupt the U.S. as quickly as possible playbook could be “across the board credit score increases”.

That’s right. Assume that your credit score is 600, which means that you cannot buy a home unless you make a down payment of about 30%. With this new idea, your score could be immediately raised by 20%, which would give you a 720 and allow you to buy a home with just 5-10% down….and possibly less.

I don’t have enough time to go over the problems I have with this idea, but suffice to say, it would cause a massive drop in the value of the US dollar overnight, along with a complete loss of confidence in the U.S. economy globally….which of course would cause real estate prices to drop across the board…negating any kind of supposed benefit from this rediculous idea. Correspondingly we would have a 20% increase in the value of gold and silver, which of course I would not complain about at all (but we are headed there anyway).

Just when you think you’ve heard it all…now let’s see how long it takes for our rain men in DC to float the idea.


[ Barry’s NOTE: a lot of these let’s reward the financially-incompetent ideas stem from how The Masses think about their own failures, their own inaccurate ways of thinking and implementing bad decisions. As in they (The Masses) don’t want to take any self-responsibility for them.

More about that can be read via my new “The Robin Hood Meme Is Alive and Well” post here…

To learn more about Kep, click here…


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Top Ten abuses of the Income Tax System

Posted August 24, 2010 at 12:24 pm

by Chris Edwards
Director of Fiscal Policy Studies, Cato Institute, 2002

Any tax system creates a threat to individual liberty because “the power to tax involves the power to destroy,” as Chief Justice John Marshall observed.[1] But the federal income tax and its enforcement harm civil liberties much more than necessary to raise needed funds for the government. Certainly, the IRS performs poorly and too easily abuses the rights of citizens. But ultimately Congress is to blame for creating an excessively complex and high-rate tax system. New laws to increase taxpayer protections and replacement of the income tax with a simpler, flatter consumption-based tax could greatly reduce the following 10 areas of civil liberties abuse.

1. “Vertical” Inequality. Although equality under the law is a bedrock American principle, the income tax treats citizens unequally. “Vertical” inequality is created by hugely different tax burdens on citizens at different income levels. For example, households earning between $30,000 and $75,000 pay an average 10 percent of their income in federal income taxes, compared to 27 percent for households earning more than $200,000.[2] Fully 36 percent of U.S. households pay no income tax.[3] Besides violating the spirit of equal protection guarantees of the Constitution, such unequal burdens distort perceptions about the costs and benefits of government because programs appear to be free of cost to many.

2. “Horizontal” Inequality. Even people with similar incomes are treated unequally by the many exemptions, deductions, credits, and other intricacies of the income tax. For example, there are 59 income tax provisions that vary depending on marital status.[4] Likewise, the tax differences between homeowners and renters with the same incomes can be thousands of dollars because of itemized deductions for property taxes and mortgage interest. Another disparity is the unequal access to savings vehicles in the tax code depending on individuals’ work situations and other factors. If all individual savings were exempt from tax, as under a consumption-based system, individuals would be treated more equally.

3. Complexity, Ambiguity, and Uncertainty. Certainty in the law is a bulwark against arbitrary and abusive government. But there is no certainty under the income tax because it rests on an inherently difficult-to-measure tax base, uses no consistent definition of “income” or other concepts, and is a labyrinth of narrow and limited provisions created by politicians intent on social engineering.[5] The current IRS commissioner concedes that the income tax has become too complex for accurate administration, which is evident in the 28 percent IRS error rate on phone inquiries and 60 percent error rate on audits.[6] Business tax rules are so ambiguous that many disputes drag on for years and are valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars.[7] Individuals are baffled by the complex rules on capital gains, pension and savings plans, and a growing list of targeted incentives. Those complexities would be eliminated under a flat consumption-based tax system.

4. Huge Size and Instability of Tax Law. Citizens are required to know the nation’s laws and comply with them. Yet federal tax rules are massive in scope and constantly changing. Tax laws, regulations, and related documentation span 45,662 pages.[8] There were 441 changes to tax rules in last year’s tax-cut law alone.[9] That law guaranteed a decade of tax instability with phased-in changes lasting until 2010. Income tax instability is typified by changes in taxes on capital. There have been 25 substantial changes in the treatment of long-term capital gains since 1922.[10] Pension tax laws have been substantially changed nearly every year since the early 1980s, creating regulatory backlogs and leaving employers unsure about how to comply.[11] Last year’s tax-cut law alone had 64 separate rule changes for pension and saving plans.[12]

5. Lack of Financial Privacy. The broad-based income tax necessitates a large invasion of financial privacy that a low-rate consumption-based tax could avoid. The IRS regularly gains access to a myriad of personal records, such as mortgage records, credit card data, phone records, banking and investment records, real property transaction data, and personal correspondence. This broad IRS authority to obtain records without court supervision has been referred to by the Supreme Court as “a power of inquisition.”[13]

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How to Prolong a Recession: Tax Driveways

Posted August 24, 2010 at 12:09 am

‘What if you owned a small business where your customers came to your store or office, and parked in your parking lot?  What if you owned a small business where your customers came to your store or office, parked in your parking lot, and the government made you pay taxes for each and every car?

Would you still own a small business?

These may sound like hypothetical questions, but for a city in Kansas, they have become reality.  Last night, the city of Mission passed a new tax on driveways.   Yes, driveways.  Home owners will pay $72 each year for having a driveway. Business owners, though, take the biggest hit in this new tax, which is being hailed as “revolutionary” and “ground-breaking.”  Beginning in December, all businesses will be taxed a fee of at least $3,558 per year.’

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