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Google Glass

Posted October 30, 2013 at 10:00 am

By Doug Gross, CNN

A new version of Google Glass, the company’s breakthrough entry into the world of wearable tech, is on the way.

Current testers, or “Explorers,” in Google’s parlance, will get a chance to swap out their current models for the new ones, the company said in a Google+ post.

The new Google Glass hardware will work with eyeglasses or shades, and include an ear bud to replace the speaker in the current model. The bone-conduction speaker, which, similar to some hearing aids, literally sends sound waves through the skull to the ear, has been called faulty by some testers.

The swap begins Friday and testers will have 60 days to decide if they want new Glass.

The roughly 10,000 current testers also be able to invite up to three friends into the program, which requires testers to fork over the current $1,500 price of the glasses.

“Over the next few weeks, all Explorers will have the opportunity to invite three friends to join the program,” the post said. “They’ll be able to buy Glass online and can have it shipped to their home, office, treehouse or igloo. We’re counting on you to get Glass to the people you think will make great Explorers.”

Google has not said when Glass will go on sale to the general public, though it is expected to be some time next year.

Google Glass, worn like regular glasses, has a high-resolution display and lets wearers use voice commands to shoot photos or videos and access features like e-mail, text messaging, Google Maps, Google search and a handful of other apps.

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Another Look at the Importance of Residual, Passive Income

Posted October 29, 2013 at 10:00 am

From a Current Wealth Vault Member:

Hi there -

A while back, I thought things  couldn’t get much better.  Life at home was wonderful.  I was providing for my wonderful wife and dog, we had a nice car, a house in a great location and one extra rental.

A direction in my business  I had been working hard on was starting to pay off;  I was doing something every day that I was really passionate about – helping others in  customer service  and  sharing my own brand of  successful thinking and strategies  that I had worked  to develop.

Success in ALL areas of  life, not just money.

Suddenly and without warning, a few people associated with the business I was working with decided to run off with the company’s money.  On top of  that, I was thrown under the bus and made to look  like I had something to do with the fraud that  had  been perpetrated.

I was sued and a restraining order was placed on me.  In just  a short period of time, I lost  almost everything.

Talk about things  changing in the blink of an eye!

One moment, I  was  on  top of the world doing what I loved and earning a living for my  family, and the next moment  I was so devastated, I wondered at times  if life was  still  worth living.

Four things got me through this  moment in my life: my faith; the friends who turned out to be my ‘real friends’; my residual passive income I had created; and my own success conditioning that  I practiced every day.

I’ll let  the  word ‘faith’ stand for whatever your  own definition of that word is.

As far as friends, well I  learned quickly  who they REALLY were. It  was  those REAL friends who believed in me through thick  and thin and NEVER  believed what they read or  heard; that was CRITICAL for me getting through the first few months of  the  tragedy I was  facing.

I even discovered friends who I  never  thought I had.   People who had a good handle on  what had happened and understood that I had been left with the wolves; people who  kept me thinking rationally each day and told me that I would come through the other  end… that  there WAS life after  such a tragedy.

My success conditioning that  I had created over  the  years also helped me to hold things together. Without understanding the immutable laws that  govern our  lives and how our  thoughts and our words actually create our  reality going forward,  I might not  be  here today writing this.

What I mean is,  as an investor (and  as a person in general), we all have much more control of and governance over our  lives; we are much more responsible for  the RESULTS in our life than many people want to  accept.

The “herd”,  as the M4 Research team regularly refers  to, believes that  life just happens;  that bad things happen, that  the world is  out to get them,  and  that there is nothing they  can  do to make their lives better -  so, they spend their  time COMPLAINING  about the results  they’re getting or  the  conditions in their  life rather  than working  to achieve more.

And, achieving more all starts  with the mentality – positive thinking,  confidence, and  determination – then,  taking action based on those thoughts.

What I  want  to share in particular with you right now though, is  the difference that  having a residual, passive income made during this moment  in  my life. It was this  small passive, residual income that got me through things financially WITHOUT having to give up on my dreams.

It was  an  income that allowed me to work  on  my legal  case day and night, while still  being able to pay for  a place to live and put food on the table. I  didn’t need to run out  and get a J-O-B… you know, one that didn’t  appeal to me or fit my short- and long-term  goals. I mean, there is nothing wrong with getting a part time-job or a  different job;  but, the point  I’m  making is my hand wasn’t  forced to work in a place that would be counter-productive to what  I was trying to achieve.

I was able to retain and maintain my independence through the hardest moments in my life and not end up living off  the  generosity of my friends or  government handouts (a ‘hand up’,  I personally am okay with in my life, but I strive at all times, as most of us do,  to pull my own weight whenever possible).  It helped me overall not  lose hope – not  give up!

As you’re reading this, I hope,  trust, and pray that  nothing ever befalls YOU such as what  happened to me. However, since any kind of tragedy (or, even obstacle or life challenge) can strike anyone at any time, the importance of being prepared cannot be  underestimated.

The Wealth Vault  is  one of the best sources I’ve found which contains a large selection of passive and residual income sources. In fact, until I dug deeper inside,  I didn’t even realize there were such a wide variety of opportunities  shared inside The Wealth Vault.

Opportunities such as what  I like to call ‘Fractional Storage Ownership’. Have you checked out the report inside The Vault on this yet?

Fractional storage wasn’t the  residual,  passive income that  I relied on when things got  tough, but it’s one of MANY that  are  inside The Wealth Vault waiting to be discovered by any member who wants  to smartly look  at ALL the ways that  can  help secure their future rather than just one way.

It just takes the effort to  educate oneself,  the  determination to reach the end goal,  and  the  confidence in a non-conventional approach.

My best to you,

- J.M.


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The most overrated jobs of 2013

Posted October 5, 2013 at 10:00 am

By Cindy Perman

TV and film characters like Don Draper from “Mad Men” and Gordon Gekko from “Wall Street” may have you thinking that their professions are enviably glitzy, but the truth is, they’re not all that glamorous.

Job site CareerCast is out with its annual lists of the most overrated and most underrated jobs and with apologies to Messrs. Draper and Gekko, they’re both overrated.

“It’s all about perception. It’s the perception that it’s a great job,” said Tony Lee, publisher of CareerCast. “Every one of these overrated jobs, people think of as, ‘I’ve got huge autonomy. I’m in control of my day and I manage everything the way I want to manage it,’” Lee said.

If you like this list, check out this one too: The 12 Most Underrated Jobs of 2013.”The reality is that either due to a poor hiring outlook, falling salary, rising stress or a number of other criteria, it’s not as great as it appears,” he said.

To come up with these lists, CareerCast takes a look at 200 jobs, using Labor Department and other statistics. On average, Lee said, hiring in those jobs are expected to increase by about 12 percent during this decade. What’s particularly encouraging, he said, is that CareerCast has found more job openings for each one of the occupations on the list than in at least the last five years.

Read on to check out the most overrated jobs of 2013:

3. Stockbroker
Median salary: $71,720
Hiring outlook (job growth through 2020): 15%

overrated jobs“If you look across the New York Stock Exchange, how many stockbrokers do you see compared to a few years ago?” Lee asked.

A lot fewer, that’s for sure.

“Most trading is automated, staring at a computer screen. Compensation, while good, is not phenomenal—they’re not rolling in money,” Lee said.

But wait, you say. The market is at an all-time high!

In fact, market volatility has taken an already high-stress job to meteoric levels of stress. And you know what the biggest complaint from clients is now in this market?

“They’re not making enough money!” Lee said.

Plus, they don’t have the budgets they used to, so there aren’t as many steak dinners with clients as there used to be.



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“America will never default on its debt.”

Posted September 25, 2013 at 10:00 am

To challenge these statements is blasphemous

By Simon Black

“Truth. noun. The quality of state of being in accordance with fact or reality.” america default

This is how my dictionary defines truth: it can be ‘fact’. But it can also mean ‘reality’.

The people who control the system have figured this out– if they can change someone’s reality, they control the truth.

Think about all the pithy aphorisms thrown about, particularly here in the Land of the Free. For example, “They hate us for our freedom.” Or, “You’re innocent until proven guilty.”

These statements are total nonsense, completely unsupported by the facts.

But through sheer volume of repetition, they’ve become reality for most unquestioning citizens… and hence, truth.

This is also the case in finance and economics. For example, I heard the following statements just in the last 48-hours while visiting the Land of the Free:

“America will never default on its debt.”

“The debt doesn’t matter because we owe it to ourselves.”

Again, these statements are totally unsupported by the facts.

The notion that the US government won’t default on its debt is simply historically inaccurate.

As recently as 1979 in the midst of another debt-ceiling debacle, the government failed to pay on $120 million in Treasuries according to stated terms, resulting in a class-action lawsuit Barton vs. United States.

And in 1934, FDR unilaterally abrogated the repayment terms for Liberty Bonds that were supposed to have been paid back in gold… or at least gold-backed currency.

Roosevelt refused to repay the bonds in gold, then devalued the dollar by as much as 40%, paying back bondholders in worthless paper.

But probably the most ignorant economic postulate is that the debt doesn’t matter because ‘we owe it to ourselves…’

It is accurate that only a third of the official US debt is owed to foreigners. The rest is owed to intragovernmental agencies like the Social Security Trust Fund, or to the US Federal Reserve.

But I’m mystified at how people find this comforting.

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7 Clever Uses for Ordinary Smartphone Features

Posted August 25, 2013 at 10:00 am

By Kim Komando

You’ve heard the old saying, “Familiarity breeds contempt.” When it comes to technology, I’m not sure if contempt is the right word. Perhaps it’s better to say, “Familiarity breeds indifference.” Well, it’s time to bring back some of the wonder. I’ve rounded up seven amazing things you didn’t know your smartphone could do.

. . .

4. Help you measure up

As my Dad always used to say, “Measure twice, cut once.” Even if you’re not cutting anything, measuring can prevent costly mistakes.

But you don’t have to reach for a ruler or tape measure. Android users can fire up Advanced Ruler Pro and iPhone users can grab Visual Measure.

Just take a picture of an object or room and then follow the directions. The app can figure out the dimensions for you. From a chair to a mansion, you can measure virtually anything.

iPhone users also have the amazing Acoustic Ruler Pro. This uses sound reflection to measure distances. It’s similar to the way bats detect bugs and obstacles.

There are two modes. If you have two iPhones, you can measure distances up to 82 feet. With one iPhone, you can measure distances just under 4 feet.


5. Give you heart

Smartphones and tablets are on their way to becoming indispensable medical gadgets. They’ve already been wired with sensors to detect certain blood chemicals. MIT created an add-on, NETRA, which turns any smartphone into a portable eye tester. The list goes on.

Most of these advances are years away from being commercial or require add-ons. However, some people are doing interesting things with the smartphones they already have.

Instant Heart Rate for iPhone and Android uses the phone’s camera to figure out your heart rate. It detects the light passing through your finger and how it changes as your heart beats.

You can keep a log of your heart rate to track it over time.


6. Help you prove your metal

There are plenty of valuable items that people drop every day. A simple metal detector is all you need to find them and make some extra money.

Don’t have a metal detector? Don’t need one. Metal detector apps for Android and iPhone have you covered.

No, I’m not joking. Smartphones contain a compass for navigation. It’s not difficult to tweak it to detect nearby metal objects.

You will need to find a comfortable way to hold your phone near the ground, however. Walking around bent over just looks odd!


See the rest of the unique ways to use ordinary smartphone features…


Ordinary Smartphone Features


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The Wealth Vault Site Is Now Mobile Compatible

Posted August 11, 2013 at 10:00 am

In our constant quest to provide better accessibility and service to our members and readers, our website is now mobile compatible.

You can now more conveniently read our in-house and curated articles on your iPad, tablet, mobile phone, or e-reader.


 mobile compatible

 Don’t forget to sign up for the Wealth Wire to get free weekly notifications of new articles posted on our site as well as previews of our premium content.


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Facebook Contest: Enter to Win 3 Months FREE Subscription

Posted August 6, 2013 at 6:00 am

By Deron Desautels
M4 Research



Hello to all of you Wealth-Building Enthusiasts!

Just a quick note to let you know that we’ve put together a short, 5-day Facebook contest in which you can enter to win a FREE 3-month subscription to our Flagship Product, The Wealth Vault.

Details: Simply click ‘like’ or ‘share’ on our Facebook post titled Wall-Streeter Elite Investing System Now Available for the ‘Little Guy’” between today and August 10th, 2013 to qualify for entry into our drawing.. In order to qualify, it must be the Facebook post that is ‘liked’ and ‘shared’, not the actual article – although you can like and share that, too. :)

Facebook contest

We’ll randomly select 3 participants to receive complimentary ‘no hassle’ access to The Wealth Vault for 3 months… yes, that’s at absolutely no charge and no credit card is required.

Bonus: Earn a 2nd entry when you ‘like’ AND ‘share’ the post.

Contest Timing: The contest runs from today, Tuesday, 6 August 2013, until 11:59pm EST on Saturday,10 August 2013. On Tuesday, 13 August 2013, we’ll randomly select 3 names from the pool of participants and notify them on the 14th via private Facebook message.

Activation for the 3-month subscription will start on 15 August 2013. After that time, we’ll notify all Facebook fans of the winners (with the permission of those contestants, of course).
Note: There will be 3 unique winners. A name selected for the 2nd time will be discarded and a new name will be selected.


For Current Members: We’re not excluding you from this contest! If your name is selected, we’ll extend your subscription by 3 months, regardless of what subscription plan you’re currently on.

Good luck!

P.S. Don’t forget to ‘like’ our Facebook page (if ya haven’t done so already) to learn about more upcoming offers, contests, and bonus content we share with our Facebook fans.


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The Unfiltered TRUTH HYIP Scammers Don’t Want You To Know!

Posted July 29, 2013 at 8:00 am

Continue reading as we reveal 11 dirty secrets scammers don’t want you to know AND 11 red flags to watch out for…

Have You Been Scammed & Lost Money in an HYIP?… Are You Sick And Tired of The Lies And Deception?? 

Dear Profit-Minded Investor,

I’m gonna skip all the usual hype you’re used to seeing and cut straight to the chase, because there really isn’t any time to waste if you want to avoid becoming another HYIP sitting duck.

If you want to continue to gamble away your money on chintzy, doomed-to-fail HYIPs like I used to do before I lost over $100,000 and finally wised up, then you might as well leave now.

I don’t want to waste your time or mine if you’re a get-rich-quick adventurer just looking for more bogus investment schemes to throw money at…

On the other hand… if you’re ready to get off the HYIP merry-go-round, then read on…

HYIP Popularity

I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t want a great return on their money. It doesn’t matter how young or how old you are. And there’s no doubt that HYIPs (High Yield Investment Programs) are by far the most popular type of investment schemes being promoted on the internet today.

Continue reading this FREE in-depth report in which the dirty scammer secrets are revealed…



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[ Friday Fund Video ] The Laughter of a Child

Posted July 26, 2013 at 2:08 pm

Very few things can make you smile like the laughter of a child… :)



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A Solution For the Economy

Posted July 22, 2013 at 1:03 pm

Friday humor: A modest proposal
By Simon Black

Decades ago, John Maynard Keynes famously wrote in his book The General Theory:

“If the Treasury were to fill old bottles with bank-notes, bury them at suitable depths in disused coal-mines. . . and leave it to private enterprise on well-tried principles of laissez-faire to dig the notes up again. . . there need be no more unemployment.”

To Keynes, all that mattered was that people were employed doing something, anything. The quality of employment didn’t matter.

Clearly this line of reasoning worked out well for the Soviets; as was said of their economic system producing mounds of left boots with no right boots, “We pretended to work, and they pretended to pay us.”

Today, famous Nobel Prize-winning economists like Paul Krugman echo Keynes’ sentiment.

Krugman has even suggested that spending trillions of dollars to defend against a phony alien invasion would save the economy.

This, coming from a man who has won society’s most ‘esteemed’ prize for intellectual achievement.

Given several years of a ‘print money with wanton abandon’ monetary policy, it seems like Ben Bernanke goes to bed at night with Keynes’ General Theory on his bedside table.

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